Televes T.0X Optische receiver 87-2150 MHz. zonder retourband

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Optische ontvanger 1200?1600 nm. RF uigang 87?2150 MHz zonder retourband

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Are optical receivers that deliver the original RF signal that has previously been converted by a fiber optic transmitter. Ref. 2336 and 233601 features return path optical transmitter. Multi-window input (12001600 nm). Wide input dynamic range (-10 to 6 dBm). RF amplified output capable of delivering: 114dB?V in MATV, and 117dB?V in SAT IF. Control signals available for monitoring optical input signal. Ref.2336 and 233601 also monitors the optical output signal in the return path. Equipped with tension-free connections (relay) for use as an alarm when the received optical power falls