Televes FiberKom Optical Receiver 1550nm met retour 1610nm (+3dBm) 1 Fiber

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Mini-optical node to act as a bridge between coaxial technology and optical networks. Transforms the optical signal (1550 nm) on the main network into a coaxial signal (105 MHz-1218 MHz) that travels to the user’s modem.
It also transforms the coaxial modem’s signal (5 MHz-85 MHz) into an optical signal for the operator’s headend, thanks to the the Return Path transmitter on the 1610 nm window with 3 dBm optical power.
Uses a single fibre for both the forward and the Return Paths.
Perfect for installations where the DOCSIS protocol is used for the bidirectional distribution of data, and the DVB-C standard is used for television signals.
Equipped with OLC technology.
Perfect for RF Overlay, FTTB, and FTTH applications.