Televes T.0X MUX DVB-S/S2 naar DVB-T transmodulator met CI

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DVB-S/S2 naar DVB-T transmodulator met CI. 3 x SAT Tuner DiSEqC 1.0 – 1 x DVB-T uit

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Transmodulator generating one COFDM multiplex from the multiplexing of the services available in up to 3 different TV SAT transponders -These may be extracted from 2 different satellites (2 independent SAT inputs), or from a single satellite, using the headend’s input loop – Total or selective removal of the services present in the received transponder, to avoid them being detected (and memorized) by the receivers (STB) – Editable TS_ID, which makes programme/service detection easier on the receiver (STB), since the channel scan is based on this identifier – LCN (Logical Channel Number) allows the assignment of the services present in the output to an LCN, which makes the ordering of the channels easier on the receivers (STB) – Provides information regarding both the occupation of each specific service and the global output occupation, which allows the optimization of the services being distributed – Can be remotely controlled using CDC (Headend control) – Device monitoring and signal status LEDs – Null packet insertion (?Stuffing?) allows the receiver (STB) to perform a faster scan – PID filtering allows the removal of undesired services from a Multiplex (enhanced occupation use); very interesting when combined with CAM use – S_ID editable to prevent the receivers (STB) in an installation from retuning when the output-Multiplex’s services are modified – Editable Network_ID, Original Network_ID and Cell_ID allow the control of network identifiers – The encrypted satellite channels are transformed into free DTT services through the CI interface and the appropriate CAM module. Depending on the CAM type used (standard/professional), one or several services may be opened for free visualization