Televes DTKom Breedbandversterker 1006 MHz 230 VAC

 212,00 excl. BTW  256,52 incl. BTW

CATV versteker met act. of pass. retourband 5-65 MHz. Versterking 30-40dB. Output 132dBV. 230VAC

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DTKom serie launch and distribution amplifier is designed to CATV operators and is suitable with DOCSIS settings thanks to his expanded band witdh. It has a switching-mode return patch (active or passive) so this can be used in CoaxData networks.-Configurable gain 30 / 40dB-Direct Channel until 1GHz-Passive or active return path 5 – 65MHz-Equipped with equalizer, interstage equalizer and gain adjustment control.-Designed with Power Doubling Technology .